The School Weekly - 8th July 2013

The school reopened after the summer break on 1st July'13.
Science stream has started with 21 students and Commerce stream with 9 students. 

Friday activity was carried out in all the classes. In English classes the students were given worksheets, word puzzle and a number of speech games were played. In E.V.S. classes the students drew pictures related to their chapters. In Maths classes students were given mental maths worksheet and in Hindi classes composition writing was carried out. 

Report of first workshop by Mr. Atul Bhatt
The Workshop started with an introductory session where the staff members introduced themselves and also shared their experiences. Mr. Bhatt said that the most important thing for a teacher is that he should be audible and adopt to change by updating himself timely. A teacher should always be  prepared and be connected with his students, be a motivatot that his students always remember him. A teacher should gear himself, prepare himself, start thinking, have belief and most important change himself.

Nine new teachers have joined school in July 2013.

Point of View

Poem on stars
Under the stars are little minds,
Under the stars are thoughts of all kinds,
Under the stars women sings,
Under the stars goes on the night,
Under the stars two held tight,
Under the stars I see with my eyes,
Under the stars sweet dreams survive.
Priyank Rathod, Class 8A

My Favourite Game
Silvi ,is my name Badminton is my favorite game,
Chocolates are my choice I love my lovely voice.
I love to play it When there is a net
But sometimes I play rough and break the bat.
So if you get a chance to play it
Never try to miss it
It will attract you a lot
In any weather cold or hot
Silvi Mehta Class 9A

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